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Pain Management Clinic OKC


We are an interventional pain management center that specializes in treating pain caused by car accidents. Our team has extensive trauma and emergency training and experience, as well as expertise in spinal care. We serve as the quarterback of your care and strive to diagnose and treat your accident related injuries. We are dedicated to helping you with your recovery and offer prompt evaluation and treatment.

We accept referrals from primary care, orthopedics, neurosurgery and other specialties for a wide variety of interventional pain care needs. We do not offer or provide chronic narcotic pain medication. If needed, an appropriate clinic/physician should be identified and a referral made by the patients current medical provider.




After Accident Follow Up Care

Our team will help to personalize your treatment plan specifically to your conditions needs. We offer a variety of ways to accelerate your improvement and include physical Therapy (PT), Chiropractic care and other modalities to help you the the very best recovery after an auto accident or other painful conditions.

Interventional Pain Management

We understand the importance of managing your pain after a car accident. Our pain management specialist medical doctor is a board certified and fellowship trained MD who offers advanced techniques to alleviate or reduce your pain and improve your quality of life and improved function. We utilize fluoroscopy (live real-time x-ray) during procedures for precision and safety along with appropriate sedation for your relaxation and comfort.

Spinal Care

Dr. Lopez is a fellowship trained spine specialist that has two decades of experience. He has helped a countless number of patients with a wide variety of painful spinal conditions and injuries find the best possible outcomes and recoveries. Our clinic has close relationships with the physicians and staff at the other providers that made be needed to be part of the team that aids in your healing.

Physical Therapy / Chiropractic Referral

Our physical therapists will work with you to restore your mobility and strength. We offer personalized physical therapy programs to help you recover from your car accident injury.

Click on the Physical Therapy/Chiropractic tab/photo above for a detail of the differences between these two types of important and valuable treatment options.


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