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•  Nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours before your scheduled procedure time (unless instructed otherwise).


•  May take usual morning medications with a small sip of water.


•  Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. Workout/athletic attire is a good choice.


•  Arrive at instructed time so that pre-procedure paperwork and preparation can be done.


•  You must have a driver with you even if no sedation is administered.


•  If on prescription blood thinners (coumadin/warfarin, eliquis, xarelto, pradaxa or similar meds)  AND/OR antiplatelet medications (aspirin products, NSAID anti-inflammatories, plavix/clopidogrel and similar meds) you must advise us an a plan be made to be off of these for an appropriate time period. This is critically important to  your health and safety. If unsure if a medication or supplement is a blood thinner, call the office prior to your schedule procedure day. Click here to see list of blood thinning natural supplements.


•  If on insulin, you take take ONE HALF of your usual morning dose and eat a small breakfast (toast/juice) 4 hours before your scheduled procedure.


•  Notify the clinic if you are placed on any antibiotics or other medications. 


•  Notify the clinic if you are having any sign or symptoms of emerging illness such as the seasonal flu, COVID, stomach flu or other potentially contagious illness. This is for your well being and that of other patients and the staff.


•  After the procedure, it is a day of rest and recovery. The exception is for diagnostic blocks where you will be instructed to be active to test the block's pain relieving effects.


•  Cold packs to the injection site(s) can help decrease local pain, swelling and bruising.


•  There may be some increased pain for the first few days while the medications injected are having an onset of effect.


•  Notify us if you develop any fever, excessive weakness or other significant or worrisome side effects. 


•  Follow up with the clinic for your next procedure/injection visit or follow up appointment as instructed.


•  As a courtesy, notify the clinic as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 

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